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Jun 27, 2016

Tom Morrow’s Mouse Episode 9

Co-Hosting: Ken, Lori and Nick

This week on Tom Morrow’s Mouse we dedicate the whole hour to Shanghai Disneyland. We have special guest Josh from Theme Park University. Josh was one of the first westerners to visit Shanghai Disneyland. This is his first podcast interview after returning. He gives us the inside scoop on food, transportation, the castle, Pirate of the Caribbean, and the hidden gem of the park, Camp Discovery Trail. Josh gives us some of the bad but a lot of the good about the park. He says that this is his favorite of the “Magic Kingdoms”. He also gives us hints at what might be in store for the future of Shanghai Disneyland.

Hope you enjoy this episode of Tom Morrow’s Mouse!

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Jun 23, 2016

We begin with comments regarding the Pulse shooting in Orlando. During the news we talk about safety in the parks, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique’s new Disney Springs location, walk-up availability at WDW restaurants and droids in Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland. We then interview Jessica or Duchess of Disneyland. Jessica talks about her trip to WDW and what she likes the most at Disneyland.

00:04:30 - Lori is welcomed to the show

00:07:05 – Guest Jessica of intros herself

00:08:10 – We discuss safety in Orlando (

“The worst thing you can do right now is to not come here (to Orlando) on vacation.” – Ken

00:28:00 – Droids move in at Disneyland (

00:35:10 – Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique moves (

00:41:03 – Walk up availability increased at WDW (

00:43:45 – Interview with Jessica of

“The biggest thing that I think Disney World visitors should know is Disneyland is really not a bubble in the way that WDW is” – Jessica, the Duchess of Disneyland

00:59:45 – The Disco Yeti Telephone Remix (

Jessica recommends WDW guests visiting DL to check out Mr Toad, Storybook Canal Boats, Indiana Jones and Mickey and the Golden Compass.

01:17:50 – “Fantasmic in Disneyland is WAY better than in Disney World.” – Jessica

Jun 15, 2016

Co-hosting this week are Ken and Nick with special guest Sean Duffy from Enchanted Tiki Talk,

News Items this week:

The new DVC Lounge at Imagination, Epcot

Jungle Cruz Skipper Canteen becoming a full reservation restaurant

Tony’s Town Square is offering Main Street Electrical Parade “Fast Passes” with the purchase of lunch

Carousel of Progress new paint scheme

Disneyland is getting a new hotel

Savor the Savannah

Zootopia passes $1B in box office

Splash remake


Sean gives us some of the history behind Enchanted Tiki Talk, how the guys got started and some of the secrets of their longevity as a podcast. The guys talk about the Disney community and the diversity of podcasts around Disney. Sean says “Disney fans are a special breed!” They discuss park capacity issues and how Disney can better manage the growing crowds with the properties they have. Sean says the key is getting the crowds away from Magic Kingdom by building new attractions at the other parks. Ken then moves the conversation to lower tier attractions. Finally Sean talks about his 1 minute Disney Dreams YouTube channel.

Jun 9, 2016

Co-hosting Ep. 6 are Ken and Nick.

Today the guys have the run of the show while Jen travels the world. Confusing bus routes, new Disney Cruise Line offerings and more Pixar sequels are all discussed. Important questions like; ‘How much pizza is too much?’, ‘What is a decent replacement drink for a margarita?’, ‘Is Andrew Jackson in the American Adventure?’ and ‘Can Wanda really take on Disney in China?’ are all discussed. There’s plenty of rabbit trails and random side topics on today’s show as well.

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Quick Hit News-

Margaritas at Epcot- 00:01:00

“I love grabbing a margarita and walking around World Showcase and one margarita got me about halfway around World Showcase.” – Ken at 00:01:37

Tower of Terror Bar- 00:04:10

Cars 3- 00:07:06

“It’s some sort of a Rocky rehash which I think Pixar sort of has done before.”

Finding Dory- 00:08:41

Water Park Bus Route Updated- 00:10:40

Muppets Pizzeria- 00:16:22

“Is there any Andrew Jackson in American Adventure?” Ken at 00:18:55

Disney Cruise Line Updates – 00:20:53

“I showed [Marvel Super Hero Academy] to my son and he was like ‘oh that’s cool’ and he’s 9.” – Nick at 00:21:15

Miles from Tomorrow- 00:26:00

“This show is cool. It’s got a lot of little hidden gems if you’re kinda nerdy and know your science.” – Nick

Netflix Disney Partnership – 00:31:19

Shanghai Disneyland Vs Wanda – 00:34:30

“What this guy [the CEO of Wanda] does, just like Disney and the Disney model, when he doesn’t have something he buys it.”- Ken talking about Wanda is a major competitor to Disney in China

Toy Story Green Army Men Boot Camp Show – 00:47:01

DCA Frozen Show- 00:49:03

DAK at Night- 00:55:15